Can you no longer disable the password manager?

I use a third-party password manager, and do not, under any circumstances, want Brave to save my passwords. When I visit the settings page for Passwords, there is an Add button, and the following text:

Saved passwords will appear here. To import passwords to Password Manager on this device, select a CSV file.

That is all.

The URL is brave://password-manager/passwords, but going to brave://password-manager redirects you back to that page.

I am using Version 1.58.137 Chromium: 117.0.5938.153 (Official Build) (x86_64).

There is now a separate page for password manager settings. When on that page, in the left-hand column select “Settings”. It’s then possible to turn off “Offer to save passwords”.

The direct URL is brave://password-manager/settings.

I had this same problem on MacOS, brand new installation of 1.58.137, and this helped. I was able to access the settings page directly by using the URL.

On this version, the “Passwords” and “Settings” tabs were hidden under a new hamburger menu that magically appeared in the top left. As UI design, this is terrible as the password manager page header looks exactly like the main settings page header but sneaks this hamburger on there: it’s SO easy to overlook and as there are so few settings it feels really unnecessary to put them on their own page.

For what it’s worth, it’s probably better than on a previous build (1.58.131) (checked on another laptop). There, the menu items are displayed directly… but only if you have a window that’s 85% or more of my laptop screen width. Otherwise the “passwords” and “settings” menu items disappear completely with no notification and there is no way to find them and no indicator they have been hidden. They’re just gone. So if you’re on a previous version of Brave and cannot find where to turn off the relentlessly annoying password save prompts, this might be your issue.

Why move these important settings from the main settings page where there is lots of room and where they’ve previously lived for ages?

The disappearing menu on small windows sizes/screens was resolved in the below link, however I agree that a lot of people will probably not realise that the new hamburger menu icon also contains password manager settings and will just think it’s for displaying the main settings menu.

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