How do I disable "Manage Passwords" popup?

Most sites I visit gives me this “Manage Passwords” popup on the upper-left side of the browser window. I can’t seem to find any way to disable it. I can turn off “Save Passwords” but I would much rather keep it on since it makes things easy for me. Is there any other way to stop this popup?

Screenshot of the popup


I’m not sure why you’re getting this popup but I will continue to look into it. Do you have multiple accounts on this site saved to your Brave browser?

I only have the one account.

We have a fix!
So in short, some sites have 3rd party scripts that run after you login and if that script doesn’t get the information it wants from you, it may throw out a weird popup. Here is a link to the solution with more details on the subject.

I hope this helps!


Can you post the url? I tried opening the link in Brave, Edge, and Chrome and it doesn’t work.

Links updated. please try again


It’s working now, thank you for your help.

This fixed the problem. Thank you very much for the info.