Reward canceled

Hello, I’m new to Brave.
I started on December and earned roughly 0.43 Braves but it appears that now it has been reduced (I don’t know why) and now I have 0,161 bat on my wallet. Is that normal ? How do I get my bat back ? Thank you in advance !

@mkzpr0 I am not sure of your situation, but let me explain one thing here. When we look at Rewards, we see something like below:


The top right is estimated earnings for the month. Once the month is over, this goes back to 0 because it starts tracking for the next month.

The area where you see my 56 BAT is what we have in our custodial partner, which is Uphold for me. So I have 56 BAT in Uphold.

When the estimated earnings goes to 0 at the 1st of the month, Brave then processes those earnings and begins to send them out around the 7th of each month. Payments can take several days or as long as several weeks. You can typically track the status of payments at Ads Payout Status Update

So when you started in December, it would make sense that any earnings you had to have dropped to 0 when it became January. But then you should have received a payment for what you earned in December sometime around January 7, give or take. If you did not get this, then I would suggest you create a Rewards Support Ticket at to see if anyone from Brave can look into your account and help you figure out what might have happened.

Hi, thanks for the explanation.

My problem is that I actually received on the start of the month around 0.43 Bat on my Uphold wallet but now it got down to 0,16 for an unknown reason.

I’m going to follow your advice and create a ticket to the support.

Thank you, have a good day ! If it has happened in the past for someone, I would be happy to hear from him !

Hello back,


When connected to my Uphold wallet, I see these transaction :

Does someone know why Bat was sent to Brave Software international without my permission?

@mkzpr0 It sounds like you have Auto-Contribute turned on in your Rewards. You can check that by going to brave://rewards. This is enabled by default and would take up to 1 BAT from your balance.


That said, if you have it disabled on all devices/profiles connected and haven’t authorized anything, then I would create a Rewards Support Ticket at so they can take a closer look and help find out what happened.


Thank you, it was unfortunately activated. But now I get it !

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