Help with Brave Rewards. Aalmost all my BATs are gone

Today, 6 days before the pay date, all my BATs are gone. I had aproximetely 3.150 BATs, but today, they are all gone. It just shows that all the month i only earned 0.87 BATs. What the hell happened?. I registered my Uphold account in Brava, and today it just desconected from Brave, i had to verify it and connect it and authorize Brave again. Help me.

That is normal, it is because the month ends and a new one begins.
On the payment date, the BATs will arrive to each and every one of us.

No, that is not normal. I linked Gemini into my brave account, and it all disappeared. This is a common issue with Brave, and people have spent months with no payment. They need to get it together.

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Hello @Neichello, did you linked the wallet today or sometime back.

I linked it 4 days ago.

Did it disappear after you connected or yesterday. Because if it was there after connecting it means it is the normal end of month routine. All accumulated BAT for the month are set aside for purpose of making payment to your wallet and new month begins.

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I’ve explained my issue already. Please read. This was a few days ago, prior to the start of the month. My balance was removed immediately after linking my account.

I think it has something to do with Gemini wallet. I have not used it so I’m sorry I may not have a solution to your query @Mattches kindly help.

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID as well as a screen shot of your brave://rewards-internals page?

Somebody else already helped me and its straightened out, but thanks

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You’re very welcome.