My BAT disappeared after verifying my Uphold wallet

I created and verified my uphold wallet on 11/29, however on 12/2 when I checked how much BAT I had, I previously had about 258 BAT but it then showed about 5 BAT. I’ve been waiting to see if the BAT transferred over to my Uphold wallet but it still has yet to come through, but this month’s ad payout did. Therefore I’m a bit confused as to where my 258 BAT went.

Windows 10 and Version 1.32.115 Chromium: 96.0.4664.93 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My Wallet is verified

11/29 is when I verified it

I received this months payout, but not the 258 I had previously

I am not using a VPN

I am in the United States

I disabled auto-contribute

I am not 100% about this, but I believe this could be what is going on:

When you move money from Brave over to Uphold, Brave has to initiate the actual transaction to move your BAT over. It appears that Brave accomplishes this process through many many batches of transactions.

For instance, I just minutes ago received my payout for December for my desktop PC Brave browser but for my mobile version of Brave browser I was paid like 5 hours ago. With that said, I would keep an eye on the December payment status and would only be concerned if it says all payments to Uphold have been completed but your payment has still not arrived. I am thinking yours has been moved into one of their payment batches and is somewhere in their sizable batch of payment transactions to push through the network.

same even i didnt recieve my tokens yet

Same here !
I had 111 BAT and when i connected to my verified uphold wallet i only recieved 11
Any idea of what we can do to get our rewards back??

Ty for the reply, what you said makes sense. However, where can I check where it will say “all payments to uphold have been completed”?

I am feeling like they got us with the bait and switch. Help us get started, we’ll reward you we PROMISE!

Oops, many rewards fell through the cracks, and the rewards system became overly complicated specifically for the early adopters who were supposed to receive a significant reward compared to later adopters.

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Any luck getting your 101 BAT back?

I got like 50 more a few days ago
Seems like it’s drip feeding me or something…it’s wierd

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