Lost all bat all sudden

I was almost having 1.9 bat in december, but all suddenly reset back to 0 once the month end. Any advise? I have verified my wallet and linked my uphold account, i have checked all place, my summary previous month earning is 0, estimate earning is 0, just all the suddenly all gone . :frowning:


Same here 31 dec 2021 bat still pending but 1 jan 2022 all gone.

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Having the same issue here. Had 1+ BAT on 31 Dec but its all gone now

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Ditto, and no one from Brave seems to respond

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Same here. All my earned bat tokens dissappeared after 12am.

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hey guys, i just rechecked and the correct number is showing again. Do check again and hopefully its working for you! <3

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yes same problem and also no ads showing from DEC 17 2021 @steeven

Yes. All my BAT in Uphold account was sent to Brave International on 30 Dec. Anyone knows why?

Cheese and Biscuits people! Its a new month. All BAT earned in Dec has been moved to the processing queue for payment.


Heyy guys I just saw that my dec bat payout will begin processing in 6 days. I hope you also got that msg. Finally :sweat_smile:

Bat return back to normal.

Reward Cycle works 1-30/31 Month and next month date 1st reset to 0. This Dec reward credit on 10 Jan(Start rolling 7 jan).If you see on home page of braver browser you see written “your --bat payout will be begin processing in 7 days”. But dont hope, some time they dont give reward.

Same here. I came to this forum exactly to report and know what to do so. There’s in the history the ads that I consume, for example.

Yesterday, December 31st, I went into the notebook to confirm how much I had to receive from BAT, it was around 0.850. All well! I went to sleep counting on it. After waking up, I went to the reward page and saw that I didn’t have the message that in a few days it would be deposited in my wallet. In fact, the BATs are simply gone. Ads count on the history page, but other than that they’re no longer part of what should be being credited to me. How to solve or deal with it?

No idea why Brave don’t respond to all these similar issues with BAT disappearing either completely or only leaving one month’s rewards.

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