My Monthly rewards were reduced to 0.11 BAT and I cant see them in the Wallet

Hi there.
I am kind of new to Brave.
I had a balance of about 3.80 BAT on Saturday, 3rd April 2021, with the Payout date showing as 6th April 2021.

Today(5th April 2021) when I logged into my PC. All my Monthly rewards were wiped off & the balance was 0.11 BAT and the next payout date shows 6th May 2021.

Where are my BATs? Can someone please help me?

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I also do not know if it is due to a system error or my BAT is lost really

Hi, I think it has to do with payout happening today (around the 5th every month). Maybe give it a few days to see if it updates correctly. I’m waiting to see, as well, also being new.
Support posted this earlier today, too:

Okay… So my Personal Laptop had about 1.25 BAT and this PC had about 3.8 BAT … I linked the same uphold to both these accounts…
1.25 BAT is already credited to my Uphold but I can not see my 3.8 anywhere…

Please someone HELP

Hi @goonjt, I’m not sure if there’s a difference between devices/ OS time frame of payout processing… my Android was fine, I claimed all right about an hour ago. My desktop, however, has no BAT movement yet, nor statements of March to check back on. I’m going to give it more time.

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