I did not receive my rewards from February earnings

I have been using Brave and successfully receiving rewards for a few months. On March 1, I had the notification in my rewards pop-up that said something like .7 BAT was to be sent on March 8th, or around there. On March 15th or so, that note was gone and I had and have 0 BAT in my verified UpHold wallet. What happened last month?!

Is anyone replying to issues here? I love the browser, but I don’t like not getting the rewards I’m shown I will receive :’(

I’m going to keep asking this weekly. I have also now not received my BAT for March as well. I earn a decent amount as I work online and am missing now about 1.5-2 BAT. This is rather frustrating that no one is communicating with me or anyone about this :’(

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