Brave Rewards Cut by 90% per ad

I’m only receiving .001 BAT/ad right now, down from .01 BAT/ad previously, I can’t imagine such a substantial cut is intentional, is this an issue that’s being worked on, or have the rewards really been cut down that much?


The same thing has happened to me for about 5 hours.

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Same thing happened to me for sponsored images. Popup notifications are still .01 or .015. I wouldn’t mind the .001 for sponsored images if they removed the 4 per hour 20 per day cap.

Recently in last year they’ve decreased the ads per hour from 20 to 5 and now they’re doing this , this should not happen by this new strategy it’s not possible to reach 1BAT also

At the rate we earn BAT now I can afford a candy bar at the end of the year.


Yeah man , they should look into this , otherwise BAT will never reach to his next high

Ad Reward 0.001? I saw two wallpapers and my balance went from 3,040 to 3,042! is it a system error or will we only receive 0.001 per ad from now on?
if the problem persists i will uninstall the brave browser, i advise the same to you

I’ll do it too, it doesn’t pay to have it if the rewards go down like this

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remove your cryptocurrencies from the bat card in the uphold wallet, as the value of the bat’s currency will lose its value quickly
I changed mine to bitcoin


I don’t have Uphold’s wallet yet

It’s not a glitch they reduced bat earnings per ad

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Same here and I’m only getting 4 ad per hour and some days I don’t get any rewards at all or only 4 per day it’s just weird how it’s declined these past days…

Just think about this way…1 bat price back in days is 0.173$ now its around 1.34$ per BAT and after THIEMV2 price going to increase like to the moon they are preparing for next step…just hold your BAT and see…

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Users earning $0.50 max per profile for one month is like giving salt to beggars. :rofl:

We are all beggars ?


i think giving users 1.5c per ad isn’t a sustainable business model and giving out 0.001 per ad makes more sense giving that more and more advertisers will jump on board and the money flow will continue
I do think they will increase the frequency of ads with more and more advertisers coming to brave

Only if they don’t apply 10 ads per day…if max ad 10 per day then it’s just stu pid…

Not tht higher cr means 1$

in simple words, as the brave user based increases the ad rewards decreases.
i think that’s the main reason…

game over brave browser #unistallbrave

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