Bat pending rewards decreased

Hi Team,

I started using Brave a week back and now when I see my pending rewards it has reduced. Last time when I saw this section it was some 0.190 BAT showing.

PS - Auto contribute is off and I haven’t tipped anyone.

Please help me with the solution.

today when i came on i lost all my bats from this month i had close to 7 bats and now i have 0.090 and now i have been getting ads but nothing is being added on, i seen about 5 ads and nothing to show for it lol

Yeah it’s strange it keeps happening to me and I get a lot of ads and use the browser a lot so I’m probably missing 50 to 100 dollars of rewards from all my devices. I still get rewards but not nearly as much as they say they’re giving me. One time I had about 50 worth of bat on a phone wallet and tried connecting my uphold account and noticed it was 50 to 60 percent less. Brave is great but they need to fix these issues, people are losing a lot of rewards.


Worked. Showing the actual balance now. Thanks for the solution

That worked for me, but then I stopped getting ads. I tried toggling adds off and back on, but now that I turned them off it won’t let me turn them back on! :hushed:

that outcome is unexpected, If you close and open the browser, it still doesn’t let you activate the rewards?

Clearing cache allowed me to turn adds on again, but now I’m not getting any ads

give it some time, the reward system is not supposed to give you ads all the time.

The algorithm that matches users with Ads is designed to find and show relevant Ads , not just “any ad”. Therefore, you may encounter a situation where (assuming other factors are configured appropriately),

  • You’ve been receiving ads as expected and they seem to have suddenly stopped – you may have been served all relevant ads in the catalog (according to the algorithm). Don’t worry – ads will resume when the catalog is updated and additional/different ads are made available
  • You’ve enabled Ads but have never seen any appear – given that the system uses your (local) profile data to match you with a relevant ad, there may not be any ads relevant to you with respect to your profile data. Don’t panic! Continue to browse normally and let the algorithm work. faq
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Thank you! I had been getting ads like every 5 minutes so I got worried once they stopped