My rewards disappeared


My rewards turned back to zero today although the counting of ads still shows 20.


Happened again today. It had accumulated 6 ads since yesterday (after my post), and now went back to zero rewards, although the ads counting is good.

Hi @renacaceres,

Thanks for writing in. Can you click into ‘7 Day Ads History’ and PM me a screenshot?

ok I will do that.

It would be better if I could send pdf, as it’s very long


Looks liked it’s fixed! My accumulated rewards reappeared.
Thanks @steeven for the attention

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s resolved.

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I’m also having this issue of BAT disappearing. Initially I had an issue where I could not claim ad tokens, so at that time I just made my uphold account and withdrew what I could (4 days ago). Two days later I was able to claim just over 117 BAT~ which I believe was equivalent to $35 USD. Since then to now (a spanof 2 days) BAT has slowly been disappearing from the account, now at $29. I am unable to see this new balance in my Uphold account. I would have withdrew this sooner but I’ve had syncing issues for months, sync is also not a feature that is available at this time on my browser. I gather that this is a common issue from what I have read on reddit/the brave community.

So I guess TLDR would be 1) Am I able to regain disappearing BAT, 2) is there a mandatory wait period for BAT to be available in uphold?