Unable to connect Metamask to my Ledger HW wallet with latest update of Brave browser

Hi everybody, this is my first thread on community!

I started using Brave browser couple weeks ago. Back then, I was able to connect Metamask extension to my Ledger HW perfectly. Just after a few days ago, I guess Brave updated something on its latest version and I haven’t been able to connect since.

I read through threads in this community and learned that it has something to do with U2F with Web3 or something. Already tried a quick fix recommended by community to disable ‘Load Crypto Wallets on startup’, but not working for me.

Currently, I still haven’t found any threads about permanent fix from Brave yet (or maybe I didn’t looked through enough). I was wondering if anyone knows if they are on process of fixing the issue or any other suggestions to fix this.

Thank you!

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