Add Metamask and more

hello, I have 2 questions:

1.- At the beginning when I was configuring, I created a wallet with brave but now I use Metamask and I would like to import it. how could i do it? I have looked for how to eliminate the wallet to start from scratch but I cannot find a way

2.- what one earns in brave rewards, how can I send it to the metamask? (is linked to uphold)

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find your metamask private key and import it to your brave wallet. vice versa

The accounts tab in brave://wallet allows you to backup your wallet. From that you can see your seed phrase to import into MetaMask.

As for funds in Uphold, you’d have to login to that site and send from there. Please see documentation from Uphold on that or contact their support if you have an issue. Thanks!

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I imported my Brave Wallet into Metamaska nd none of my coins where there. How do I import Brave Wallet into Metamask?

I tried that and none of my Brave Wallet coins or transaction history showed up in Metamask

Did you restore seed words or did you import the private key?
The former will not work because you have a legacy 24 word derivation path.