Repetitive, annoying ads

Hi, just started using Brave and I really love it, the concept and ideas behind and the tech is impressive and innovative. One thing I’ve noticed though is that there aren’t a lot of ad varieties in the rewards program. Or at least, I’m not getting much variation in ads. It’s extremely annoying to receive the exact same two ad notifications over and over throughout the day.

I realize this may be an issue related to adoption and not having that many services advertising themselves on the platform yet. But it’d be nice to either not receive any more of the same ads after the first few times (especially after I stopped clicking on them because I’m not interested in re-reading the same brochure website over and over just to get BATs).

Another alternative suggestion would be to find a different way to surface the ads, besides notifications. For instance, they could be shown when opening a new tab, so that if I lose interest in an ad or don’t click on it immediately but I later become interested in it I might still find it somewhere, without getting spammed by notifications for the same ad over and over.

Keep up the good work, I’ll continue using Brave and hope it only gets better from here on out.

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Just brave time to get the advertisers in…You can’t really do much about it when you don’t have many advertisers to advertise for. You can’t select ads yet. Or categories to opt-in to.

And brave get’s paid by advertisers per click I’m guessing. You don’t actually have to read the website 50 times a day, if you’ve seen the ad before just open it and go about your business. And if you want to maybe see it later, make a bookmark folder for all your saved ads you may want to check out later in life.

And just imagine 1 single BAT goes to 20,000$ like a Bitcoin…Would those ads be so annoying then? :wink: Get them while they’re cheap, when this thing takes off, you’ll be left behind.

I know there’s probably not that many advertisers, I mention that in my post as well. However I’m also offering some feature requests to deal with this problem, which they need to solve anyway even if more advertisers join the platform. You can have 1 million services advertised but if your algorithm only returns 2 or 3 because they have the highest ranking score all the time, then it’s not a very good experience.

Also, lol about BAT going to $20,000. I don’t think it’s a good selling point for Brave if their main crowd is a bunch of crypto speculators hoping to get rich quick by spamming ad clicks. Either way, I’m not interested in that and I’d prefer if the devs focused on improving the user experience.

It’s not based on rank though? Have you ever seen the way a traffic exchange works? Advertisers pay the exchange to display their ads on their website to display for a certain amount of time before moving to the next advertisement. This also gives the devs control over the quality of the ad. And again, when more advertisers come on-board, that will change naturally.

Since we don’t use keywords in a search engine to find relevant ads, we have to get them either by opting into a category, or browsing user history for relevancy.

That isn’t the selling point, it’s just a fact? The selling point would be Browser + built in AdBlocker + no tracking for users with options to opt into clean ads. And a way to display your business to the Brave users for advertisers.

I presume on the back end there will be options for the advertisers to select Geotargets, too. If not now, there will be later.

It has it’s own currency and that currency is now traded publicly and it’s cheap. The only direction for the BAT price is up. When Bruce takes over the world (and it will) BAT will be sitting on the MOON. BAT + MOON, that is no coincidence! The Dark Knight will RISE!

Same problem here @protossoario, it’s annoyng to see the same add push notification every day, even more than one time a day. If there is no diferent add to show it should not show the same ad every day.
Brave need to fix this, it may lost some users due to this.