Need To Boost the Advertising

Are there plans for the future to upgrade the advertising delivery system for Brave and rewarding BAT?

I have been using Brave across several devices and I confess to being disappointed at the windfall of BAT from browsing. I understand that the number of advertisers buying into the system so far is small, but the max of 5 ads per hour seems like you are under-utilizing my attention. Because I seem to be getting like $0.75 per month in BAT (or something ridiculous) despite hours of web browsing, article reading and video viewing.

Have you considered something like an “ad ticker” that scrolls slowly across the bottom of the browser window where the ads currently display? That way you can display more and more ads without interfering with my browsing, and I can start getting rewarded for my browsing (as I was expecting).

What’s more, I often find myself waiting for relevant ads for stuff I need, searching for things to hopefully trigger a relevant popup from Brave, but it rarely makes a difference.

For example, I want to sign up for a VPN like NordVPN or an equally priced and reliable competitor. I would also like to be able to click through a Brave ad to support the system. However, I am not interested in the “ExpressVPN” ads that I seem to get. I keep getting this one VPN ad, over and over, but I am not going to purchase that particular service.

Can I “blacklist” or “greylist” certain advertisements that I have reviewed but have zero interest in clicking through and/or purchasing? So I can at least minimize the amount of times I see an ad that I know that I will not actually want? And so I can start recieving ads from competitors?

In reality, that’s about 7500$…

Note that Brave haven’t opened up the advertisement program to advertisers yet. Once they’re more confident in the system, the’ll open it up and ad prices and supply should go up.

I believe the ultimate plan is for ads to appear on webpages as you browse normally. You know, like normal ads. on the web. The notification-based ad system is just a stepping stone towards that end. They need to test their systems and get some experiences identifying abuse and filter out bots etc.

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