I'm a new user, here's my three criticisms me so far... I wonder if you agree?

Only had brave for a week or so now - I’m a huge fan. I know it’s still in the early stages, but I’d like to see it grow and improve. Here’s some things I’d hope to see get better - I wonder if you agree?

  1. There’s a limited number of adverts that you’re shown, often resulting in repetition. I’m aware this varies from location to location, and its also confined by the advertising interest in the space. Hopefully the pool of adverts will increase with adoption. I’m in the UK - I wonder how people’s experiences compare with this issue?

  2. It’s not clear to me, as a user, how I can upvote or downvote the adverts that I want to see, in the interests of receiving more relevant adds in future. Is it just a matter of clicking, or not clicking (selecting close), on the add that determines my preference?

  3. The preview of the advert I’m shown doesn’t allow for much information to be conveyed. I can imagine a more creative way to preview the advert to the user, so that they are better able to determine whether it is of interest to them. I’m not that technical so don’t know how much of this is limited to my O.S. (windows 10) or chrome.

Also ,I’m new to this community, and wondered what folks thought a fair price for a BAT should be? I’m not asking about the technicals of it, or for you to predict the price in 10 years, I’m asking how much fiat e.g dollars, you would expect for watching an add? What would be enough to motivate you to watch it?



Nice idea man, BAT/brave to the world

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There’s brave://rewards/ , where you can view history of ads. There you can upvote and download and add an add category as a favorite.

But I also think there are only limited categories (and adds, yes), and that the grouping of certain adds is weird (also the category “general” seems useless).


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