More Advertising

Hi guys

After successfully installed brave and setup everything I got some advertising.
On brave://rewards it shows me as well the rewards in bat.

Now I put the setting to Maximum ads received per hour:5.
I received in the first hour 5 ads. Then the rest of the day no more ads showed up.
Next day the same. I start up the computer, start surfing, get 5 ads in the first hour and then they stop for the rest of the day.

So in the moment I get 5 ads per day and not per hour.
Is this maybe in the moment configured like this on your end, configuration for my country or is there a bug?

I am from Switzerland (setup with country Switzerland) but I am in Brazil.

Thanks for an answer.


That’s an up to setting. You’ll receive up to X ads per hour. It’s also depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country.

Also, there’s a daily cap – a maximum ads you can received per day. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


Ah ok then maybe it is a coincidence that it shows me exactly 5 ads per day. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer! And great project. So far this ads what I get, are interesting!

Keep up the good work!