Brave Ads... What were you thinking?

Hello dear reader,

I’ve been a follower and contributor to the Brave project for many years now.
The goal of Brave was always a very good idea to me.
Making the internet better.

One of the things Brave had on their list was revolutionizing ads, by

  1. Letting the user decide who they want to contribute the revenue to.
  2. Giving the user a share
  3. Calculating revenue based on the user attention (anonymously)
  4. Blocking annoying ads and replacing them with more user friendly ads
  5. Making the most annoying ads to been seen in (or rather outside) the browser to scare off current and future users.

Wait, you don’t recall that last one? Yeah. Me neither.
That begs a question:
What were you thinking?
Why do you think people want to use a browser with an integrated ad blocker?
To see even more annoying ads?!
Remember, originally you wanted to reduce the annoyance of said ads, to give users a more comfortable experience.
Now at any time the browser is running, I’m bound to receive a noisy ad that blocks part of my screen and completely drags my attention from what I was currently doing or focusing on.

I can already feel how you want to ask me “then why don’t you turn it off?”, because I asked myself the same question.
Well sure. I could just switch away from Brave and be happy, but then I wouldn’t be happy, because Brave would be ruined just because of some poor decision.

You should really really make this an optional feature and instead focus on making Brave ads behave like actual ads the user wants to see.


it would help a lot. Besides the ads are opt in and also this link Upcoming Solutions (welcomed good news) should help too. The link shows improvement being made to the ads system

None of the things you wrote (or linked) have any relevance to the topic I was writing about.

Also, that video is a strain for the eyes.

I wasn’t criticizing the idea behind Brave Ads or Brave Rewards.
I was criticizing the horrible attempt Brave made at delivering those ads.
Ads shouldn’t be blasted in your face with annoying sounds, they should be subtle and intuitive.
If I wanted to be distracted by popups I wouldn’t use a browser that integrates an adblocker

@Zuzu_Typ baby steps. We used system notifications that give user the full control on how they react to notifications. Feedback not lost on us; iterating and you will see changes coming soon. I know, its never soon enough.