Inconsistent Ads


For the first day the ads showed up just as they were supposed to. The second day i had no ads show up. Third day ads showed up for half the day and now i haven’t received any ads since.

I love the idea of this browser and it actually provides interesting ads, but consistency needs to be greatly improved.


@Lil_Sebastian Thanks for reporting. Inorder to view Ads below steps needs to be followed:

  1. Open Brave and enable rewards
  2. Open website
  3. Ads Notification will be shown based on the catalog

If you are following the above steps and not getting Ads notifications then there is an issue. Could you please confirm on this?


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Yes I’ve been working on the internet with the browser open all day and the ads stopped halfway thru the day. They also did not appear yesterday and I had the browser open all day as well.

I’ve tried turning off and on brave rewards, changing the frequency of ads, restarting computer and nothing has worked so far. They suddenly just started appearing again for the first half of the day today then I lost them again.

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same issue but nobody want to help?!

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@Lil_Sebastian @creaders Could you check the count of Ads notifications received in Ads panel brave://rewards page and confirm how many Ads are accured?


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round about 764…but i installed also on a new system and there is the same issue beginning from 0 each day max 21 not more…


@creaders Thanks for the confirmation. Please note, maximum limit for per day is 21 Ads. Ads are not shown because you have already reached the limit.



where is this described? Two weeks earlier it was not limited!!
This change was made without communication…
Earning ads was one of the value features that’s make Brave interesting for me… so there is no more value to use this browser…i can also use “normal” chrome…


I think it’s around 63 ads accrued for me.


Consider someone who intends to fraud the Rewards/Ads system – it would be easy to infinitely gain BAT by leaving a [laptop, PC, etc] up and running at all times in order to continuously receive Ads in which they’re paid for.

Limit is not placed “for fun” – it is a necessary restriction set in place to ensure the system is being used as intended.


Can i use 1 uphold account on my families 2 youtube channel with 2 brave account?


Sure you are right, but then it’s necessary to program the Reward System against this usage and don’ t make advertisment without any information about that restricton.


The cap is too low. I switched to Brave a week ago and really like. I work 8-10 hours a day and am finding myself capping out each day around noon. If there is going to be a cap it should be at least 50 ads (average work day 8-10 hours and then a few hours of personal browsing I think should all be covered - so 10 hours at 5 ads per hour would be much more reasonable). That would allow regular users who deserve the allocation get compensated fairly and still serves the purpose of avoiding someone trying to game the system. Can you please raise this concern?


What time each day is this reset? i.e., if I hit 21 ads today, when tomorrow will I start to be able to generate ads again?


Would be good if limit is hit and displayed somewhere in the browser.


This is exactly what i mean.
21 is nothing. And a message like"you reached your max" would be great…

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Good idea about the message - I like that too!


I 100% agree. I am in the exact same situation and would love to see the cap raised to a reasonable number. This could still be done and deter scammers.

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Admin - wondering if you could provide a response on the points raised? Thanks in advance,


Admin - I’ve also noticed ads popping up and i am not being credited any BAT occasionally, even if i open the ad and go to their webpage. Is there any fix for this?

Also, i have a lot fewer ads showing up now than about a week ago (maybe about 1 ad an hour). I have the setting max 5 ads an hour. Is there a fix for this or are less advertisers using brave for their ads now, as opposed to a week ago?