Rendering issue with newest update (flashing grid)

Brave Version 1.58.124 Chromium: 117.0.5938.62
Windows 10
Newest Nvidia GPU drivers. RTX 3060.

After a recent Brave update (about 2 weeks ago) I’ve started experiencing weird graphical glitches. This only happens with Brave, not with other software. Seems unaffected by which other programs are running.

Occasionally (a few times per day) with seemingly no clear cause the page starts displaying a black-and-transparent grid over the page. I’ve attached a mockup done in Photoshop to illustrate this. The pic is about to-size, and as in the pic the edges are not straight lines.


Scrolling the page, or refreshing, or doing anything that draws the page again causes the grid to disappear. If I do nothing, it stays there indefinitely until I move the page. This does not seem connected to particular pages, or particular extensions. I’ve had it happen in the middle of a Youtube video, I’ve had it happen on pages with nothing but text.

FYI I just installed a brand new Windows 10 on a fresh SSD on a new computer. Everything straight from the box. Haven’t even had time to install any browser extensions.

…and I’m getting this issue. So it couldn’t have been a problem with my PC, unless it’s something that affects all Windows 10 users, or samsung SSD users, or nvidia GPU users etc.

I have it too, only with brave, but i use win 11. I try to disable hdr but nothing change, with or without. Screen with high refresh rate maybe, but the glitch happen when i scroll the page…

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