Display glitches after a while

I’ve been using brave for around a week now and it’s been a thing since I’ve installed it. I’ve tried to reinstall but it hasn’t been fixed. When I load a page and I leave it sitting for a while (ranges from almost instant to around 10 mins) the display bugs out and gets funky.

It sometimes sorts itself by moving the mouse around or swapping tabs but not very often. Refreshing the tab will always sort the problem out so it’s not the worst bug but it becomes very inconvenient and annoying at times.

Sorry if this is a repeat as I’ve couldn’t find something like this. I’ve managed to find similar bugs and have tried their solutions but they haven’t worked either so I decided to ask for help.

Thank you in advance.

Try disable “Hardware acceleration” which can be found under Brave’s Settings > System.

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Thank you for the help! It seems to be working fine now. May I ask what I should do if some pages work better with acceleration? Do I just turn it on for the moment or is there a way to work around that?

E.G. I use https://www.heroforge.com/ to make some miniatures but it runs a lot smoother with acceleration.

I’m not sure about that (re: workaround). As far as I’m aware off, it’s because incompatibility with the gpu driver (?).

However we do have an open issue logged for that.

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