Issue with flashing graphical glitch and dark contrast

This problem I’m having is twofold:

  1. Random patches of the screen will black-out during use. Mousing over these areas causes them to partially re-appear. After a few seconds the screen returns to normal but the problem may re-occur, usually when interacting with objects on the page or with extensions or menus.
  2. When Hardware Acceleration is enabled the gamma/contrast is WAY too dark. This makes videos unwatchable. Adjusting desktop colour settings in Nvidia control panel “fixes” the problem for Brave but makes everything else (desktop, start menu, other programs etc) blown out.

Solutions I’ve tried that haven’t worked:

  • Restarting PC.
  • Reinstalling Brave.
  • Updating Brave.
  • Disabling Hardware Acceleration.
  • Switching to OpenGL.
  • Killing the Nvidia control panel process.
  • Updating Nvidia driver.

Would really like to fix this as it pushed me to switch to Mozilla Firefox for a while but that browser is hot garbage. Brave is otherwise great but this issue is making it unusable.


I use an Optimus laptop with both Nvidia & Intel display adapters. Is this something that might apply to your situation? I recently found I needed to configure both Windows 10 and Nvidia together in order to use my dedicated GPU for Brave.

No this is a Dell PC. Also probably worth noting that this issue only started happening a few months ago, after years of trouble-free use.


I found this Brave Page: brave://gpu , that might allow you to share more information or perhaps solve the issue immediately yourself.

There is also a Task Manager in our Tools section of the Brave Browser Main Menu that displays various GPU related numbers.

I hope some of that can be of use to you.

I don’t think this is a gpu issue as it’s contained purely to brave browser. Everything else works fine including competitor browsers.


Still having this issue, anyone have any suggestions?

Still having this problem. There MUST be a fix for this SURELY?!?

Does the Brave community just not care that their browser is so badly borked?

Eu tenho esse problema também, até criei um tópico sobre ele.
O meu problema acontece no Youtube Studio, Instagram, Facebook.
E percebi que também acontece no navegador EDGE. E, se notarmos, ambos utilizam a base Chromium.

Já no Ópera o problema não acontece. Acredito que o problema esteja na base do Chromium, e não exatamente nos navegadores. É algum bug que já vem da raiz.
E como o Ópera não usa Chromium, não acontece com ele.

I also have this issue, mostly with Facebook making stuff disappear

I have this problem :disappointed:. Windows 11, custom desktop computer, rtx 2080 ti, i7 12700k, 64gb ram

I also have it happen in a Ubuntu VMware VM. It’s super frustrating. This has only been occurring recently (past few months)

Similar issues with a Dell 9310 (11th Gen i7, with integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics) running Fedora 39. Been using brave on this laptop for over a year with zero problems, A few weeks ago it became unusable, graphical glitches, elements missing from websites, etc. No issues across the rest of the laptop. I have switched to Firefox to keep working, but would dearly like to get back to Brave.

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