Regarding Uphold Wallet Verification

Hi, so my Uphold account is completely verified, including identity verification, and I have 5 BAT in it.

I was receiving ads on my Brave web browser, and even got the rewards sent to my Upload a few times.

However, since a few months, I have stopped receiving ads on my Brave web browser for windows. When I connect to Uphold, its says “Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving rewards.” as you can see from the screenshot attached.

This is what it shows in the wallet info:
Wallet created: 05/08/2021, 08:45:58 PM

External wallet info
Wallet status: Pending
Custodian: Uphold

I don’t use any VPN. What might me the issue?


If you look there’s a link I says go to Uphold to complete verification. They need you to provide information that is required to them by law. So you need to go to Uphold, login, and provide all the information that they request of you.

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Thanks for the reply. I have already done that. The KYC has already been done with all documents and photo submitted and verified. On uphold, it shows that my account is completely verified. Hence I am confused.

@ronakbhatia Did you try clicking on the link that says “Go to Uphold to complete verification?” It may just need to be able to connect through that page there. I’m also assuming since you are saying you had done the email confirmation they ask of you.

Main thing is try going through that link and connect it. Hopefully that solves. If not, respond here and we’ll tag one of the admin here to help you check on it. I mean, other thing is it might just be updating yet. Did you recently finish KYC and all?

When I click on the link that says “Go to Uphold to complete verification” it takes me to the Uphold dashboard. That’s it.

I did the KYC the day I created my Upload account, which was more than 6 months ago. Everything was fine for a few months, I was getting ads and rewards, then one day it suddenly stopped.

@ronakbhatia Ok, just do a favor and submit a ticket there (with Uphold) so they can review and let you know if maybe they needed something else. In the meanwhile, we’ll also tag @Mattches and @steeven here to hope one of them can stop by to handle it. It’s late tonight and I think they are both no longer at work, so it will be much later before they might respond.

Hopefully by then you’ll have been able to hear back from Uphold as well if they needed anything or if they might be able to do anything on their end. Essentially, we’re trying to work out the issue from both ends and see which end gets it resolved first. lol

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I’ll submit a ticket there as well. Appreciate the help.

Looks like your account is properly linked to Brave Rewards and also you have received your monthly payment from January: If you have any questions or issues related to Brave, you may want to review Brave’s support page, contact Brave support directly at, or browse their FAQ for more details:

This is what Uphold told me.

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@ronakbhatia kk, and sadly neither of Brave staff happened across here or responded. That said, I know if they did it most likely just would have been to send them a message with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so they could look.

Not sure if you saw it yet, but I had created a new post for everyone today regarding best way to handle. at least here at Brave Community. I wish they had more people here to help or I could do more, but when it comes to to payouts, wallets, etc then employees are the only ones really able to access anything.

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Hello, have you remembered completing the Uphold’s CDD (Customer Due Diligence)?
as described here: NOTICE: For users verified with Uphold who have not received payment

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Hi, I did. I even received payment on 9th February 2022 (I was using Brave on mobile).

I tried re-installing Brave on my PC. After re-installing, I am not even able to connect to Uphold. After I click on Authorize, I get this:

Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.

oh, that is uphold integration(linking) problem…
Unfortunately, that has many possible causes, need the devs or admins for this.

Hi @Saoiray and @ronakbhatia the problem what you have faced I got the same problem now its showing same thing as the screenshot shared by you. MY uphold is verified completly evn tho its says pending .I also raised my ticket till then if u hav any anwers pls tell how to resolve !

Hi guys,
any update on this? I have the same problem. Uphold says everything looks good on their end. Thanks!

Still experiencing the same issue. Pretty much given up.

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Oh ok, that doesn’t sound too good… Brave started very promising but it is hard to propel adoption and get new users if their main incentive is broken…
I also haven’t received any rewards for months.
Anyhow, thanks for the update

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Same problem. Verified with Uphold, Uphold says Brave is linked, Brave Rewards says to link wallet. I’ve fought with this 3 separate times, all with the same result: the contradiction that says the wallet is connect and is not connected.

I should say that I had previously linked with Gemini, but I unlinked the wallet, and starting trading with Uphold (way better exchange). Since then, I have not received Brave rewards (on desktop browser) or been able to link Uphold.

I even went as far as deleting the app on my iPhone and trying the steps from there (mentioned in an Android post). Nope.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This has been broke for me since January.

Same thing, no rewards since January. It seems that it’s on Brave’s end.

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Moderator post per issue in a previous topic:

Seems to be happening to a lot of users more frequently now. Hopefully they will have a fix soon.

I think you should still be receiving ads/earnings. If you are not, you should probably DM the moderators with your wallet payment id found at brave://rewards-internals. Do not post your wallet id!