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Ad-Blocking This category is for reporting web pages that display ads that bypass Brave’s ad-blocker. Known Issues View a list of known, common issues that are currently being diagnosed. Mobile Support Get Support, troubleshoot and report issues for Brave on mobile devices. Desktop Support Posts in this category should only include support requests or issue reporting for the latest Release channel Brave build. Posts pertaining to other builds may be deleted or moved to the appropriate category the Beta, Developer, Nightly and Muon(Old) build categories can be found here: Web Compatibility Use this category to report or troubleshoot issues that occur when navigating to (or inside) a specific website using Brave.
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New GPG key for Debian derived Linux users

We released a new version of the Brave Browser today. It is signed with a new GPG key because the old one was about to expire. If Ubuntu (or derivatives of Debian) users are seeing the error: W: An error occurred duri…

2 February 7, 2020
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