Brave informed me that I need to verify my account with uphold to receive rewards. I am verified since 2019 and my Feb reward from my PC browser has not come in

Hi @steeven and @chriscat

For the month of Feb 2022, I did not receive reward from my PC browser. Only two rewards came in out of 4 registered devices. Then, I realize today that My PC brave said that I need to verify my ID with Uphold: “Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving rewards.”

The thing is, I am already verified with Uphold since 2019 and was receiving brave rewards up until this month for Feb reward. I already lost the reward from 1 device last month (was 4 devices, last month only 3 devices reward received) now it became only two.

Attached is the screenshot of the proof from uphold that I am verified. Please help. Now I cannot even see how much I received in Windows PC browser.

I just realize, looking at my uphold history, I have not been paid for my PC Browser reward since Jan 2022 reward. If someone from brave can help, this would be a great relieve for someone who has been a supporter for both the browser and the reward program.

Theimage above shows that in Jan 2022, I was still receiving three devices rewards, then in Feb 2022 and March 2022, I received only two rewards, most likely of brave browser verification issue with Uphold. Please help me fix this.

@cinlung Yours is a weird situation. Part of me was going to say maybe contact Uphold to make sure they don’t need more information for KYC/AML, as they will occasionally request more information. (Legally once every 2-8 years they have to, depending on region and all).

But if it was due to KYC/AML, I would think it had affected all payments and not just some devices. So definitely strange. There’s a lot of questions on things to interfere, but will skip that for now.

What I will advise is that you send DM (private/direct messages) to @steeven and @Mattches. When you write them, make sure you provide them with the Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals for ALL of the devices you’re using and had issues with.

The DM will serve as a ticket for them to be able to help you, but also the information is needed before they can do anything. Just make sure you provide that to them in messages and don’t post here, as Wallet Info (Wallet ID) should be kept private overall for security purposes.

Chriscat pops in here every once in a while but he typically is helping people on r/BATProject and r/brave_browser on Reddit. You can feel free to reach out to him here as well, I just wanted to let you know he’s not here often.

Hi @Saoiray

I DMed Chris because I do not have @steeven or @Mattches user id in Reddit. Could you share their ID? Thanks

@cinlung You don’t DM them on Reddit, but you DM them here. So if you look where we have tagged them, you can click to see their profile. There is then the option to Message them. Screenshot is below.

I got it, thanks @Saoiray. I just DMed @steeven

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am also at work now, so my concentration is a bit distracted.

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Just additional info. I downloaded my log file for brave browser. Apparantly this issue happened since Dec 2021. That is why I am not receiving 4 rewards. Apparantly my PC browser have not been able to claim the reward and I do not have the mean to know which device was failing until now.

Here is the log attachment, Please check it:
brave_rewards_log.txt (488.1 KB)

@cinlung FYI, logs usually are on something else and should be shared with staff only. That said, I just quickly skimmed and I don’t see anything unusual. It’s a general error log and none of ours will show with nothing. If staff asks for it, then at least you have it to provide. But it doesn’t seem like an issue (at least not on that one)

Well, let me clarify, nothing I can spot in terms of your account being flagged or you losing connection with Uphold. There is issues with the server on getting some tokens and you had issues for a long time on New Tab ads, but not sure why. That’s something on Brave’s end to look at. The challenge is that the Log shows errors but doesn’t always show when it succeeds.

So we can make a lot of wrong assumptions looking at it ourselves.

Thanks for the infos @Saoiray . I have sent my brave internals to @Mattches and to @steeven with the link to this post. I hope they can help resolve it. Thanks for your contribution.

Hey @Saoiray, just out of curiosity, how long does it actually take for a brave staff to address an issue like this? I have been DM-ing both @Mattches and @steeven and the only message I receive back was from @steeven last night. Even that is thru other people’s post.

I was lucky @steeven was online for about 3 minutes after he replied to that other guy’s post. I used the link from that post to DM @steeven if he got my DM. He said he did and told me to look for incoming BAT by today. Then, I replied back to him about this issue of my browser unable to verify my wallet as well, but nothing else was replied.

Today, I made a report in my last DM with @steeven just now about my BAT status (not received). How long usually DMs get replied? Do I have better chance of replies with DMs or with Posts?

Thank you

@cinlung I’ll just quote you from what they have said before. So in a message to me when I asked something similar so I could share with Users, it was said:

That if users aren’t seeing ads or receiving payment, they need to reach out to us directly and they need to exercise patience as not only do we have 1000s of messages to go through between us (support), each individual ticket/DM/request can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours to several days to diagnose

The one day, Mattches shared he had over 400 messages just from the weekend. So if you imagine having to go through all of that, PLUS the forms/tickets submitted, PLUS all of these Posts/Topics…it’s not quick or easy. They tend to look for and work on smaller issues while on hold with bigger things, but overall they work on things in the order they were received.

What I will say is I just received a response on something from about 2 weeks ago. That was just me reporting a comment for violating the community guidelines, so it’s not like it took much time or energy to handle. Using things like that, I’m going to say they are currently about 2 weeks out from seeing messages, yet along processing. But that fluctuates and it would be unfair for everyone for me to give a specific timeframe, as it could be much sooner or much longer. All I can say is it’s only 2 people working as hard as they can to help everyone.

And yeah, as you said, quick notice of your current he was able to “fit you in” to let you know BAT was coming. But because they work in order of things received, he couldn’t necessarily prioritize everything you were sending him.

I know he’ll get back to you when he can. What I do encourage though is if it goes like 10 days with no response, can feel free to tag in an existing topic of yours on the issue and/or try to send a message to follow-up. But I’d say give a little over a week at least, as responses quicker than that are rare and hard for anyone to promise. Tagging or messaging after those 10+ days is only to keep it alive, as when handling many notifications, it’s sometimes not hard to lose track of something. Just want to be careful people aren’t tagging/messaging too much or it significantly delays them from helping

Thanks for the detailed information. Your message helps me to budget my time better to handle this issue. I am gonna sit this down for a couple of days waiting for Steeven’s reply.

Hi @cinlung, reviewing your case now, thanks for your patience. Please see our DM.

Hi @steeven

Again, thanks for the info and follow up. I will be monitoring my DM to hear from you!

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