Uphold ID verified but can't verify Brave Wallet

I’m created an Uphold account and complete the ID verification. But when I trying to verify the Brave Rewards Wallet, it says “Error: You need a verified wallet to log in. Please try again after you have completed ID verification on Uphold.”. How could I solve this?


I have the same issue
It always show up an error, but I have completed kyc on uphold

I have the same issue.

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@talharch, @Argedik, and @Flibustier it sounds like you just don’t have everything completed. The message shared by Talharch can mean you didn’t do all your CDD with Uphold, which means sending in documentation and all. Or it can mean that you just haven’t completed your profile.

So let me explain the profile bit. Uphold will do their check where they ask you to send documents and everything. For them, you would have completed verification. This only shows for them and not to Brave or anyone else. In order for Brave to see you are Verified, you need to COMPLETELY fil out your profile with your precise residential address and other information. If you have a generic “country” or “city/state” but don’t have the exact house address and all, it won’t count as you being verirfied.

Once you have all of that completed, you should begin to see in your Uphold profile where it says your account is Verified.

That’s not the case.

My Uphold Wallet is completely fully verified, it even states both on the website and in the app that it’s fully verified, yet Brave Browser still comes up with the message:

‘Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving rewards.’

It seems that a lot of people are having this issue. I, for example, have no received any rewards for 3 months now.

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@Ziggy I’m looking at your words and you’re not mentioning what I said. Do you have ALL of your information filled out under your profile at Uphold?

For example, read the Topic at Uphold and wallet verification

You’ll see other person had issue and then checked, where they stated as you see below:

You can be Verified with Uphold but it not register in terms of what Brave needs to see with Uphold. So Uphold would say you’re good and verified, but when you’d try to link…Brave would say you’re not. The reason being you didn’t complete your profile there…

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As I said, It is all filled in correctly.

I did exactly what this person @Saoiray said.
Thank him first
Also, I thought the profile was created first, but when I tried to edit the address of the profile, the address wasn’t entered … As soon as I entered it, the application was notified and my account (account) An email from Uphold indicating that it has been confirmed. Then I tried to link the wallet to a brave browser and was told it was in process … so the address is the culprit.
Try editing the address
And before I edited I tried to contact support support, and they said it was confirmed from their side in their system, and they didn’t mention the profile.
Edit: Confirmed at the time of writing this paragraph😂

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And what do you mean by that? Im new at Brave Rewards.

If you have Uphold and go to link your account, you need to go to your Profile in Uphold and provide all of your information. Like I said, instead of a generic “New York” or “Shanghai, China” or whatever, you’d need your entire house address. Such as 123 Happy Ave Somewhere, IN 12345

So it means putting your “full name” (First and Last anyway), your Date of Birth (month/day/year), SSN/TIN (complete number), entire address (like if I wanted to send you something in the mail, all the details needed), and your email address.

If that’s not all filled out, then it won’t appear to Brave you’ve been verified. Uphold can be content because they’ll ask you to send documentation to them, such as a copy of your ID that has your address and all. But if the Profile doesn’t have all that info, then it won’t communicate that with Brave and they’ll say you haven’t done all that yet. Thus you wouldn’t be able to successfully link your Uphold with Brave until it’s done.


Everyone thanks a lot this fixed my issue we have to click on the address and then it will verify automatically for some reason uphold has a small glitch there but once you put the exact address it does verify and it gives you the exact date as well when you did it, once again thanks to all of you.

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