Referral stats/graph disappeared

Hello, Just wanna ask anyone who knows why referral stats/graph disappeared, is it because of the update?

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Same here. Now we can´t know how many confirmation we will have until december 24th.


I have the same problem. I need the stats info

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That is not a good thing, first of all we have the rights to know the status of our earning and I still havent received my 12$. 36 hours delay since the referral confirmed

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The end of the referral program is now so bad. I have not enough time for using it. And now we have not the control of ours refers

I mean Brave had a big incoming from all of us the publishers. I mean brave with this desition is going to have a big break of their incomes.

Lets all wait, Im actually counting till the last minute and I logged out to refresh and after I logged back in the graph disappeared. I wanna know if I got new confirmed today but yeah

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As of November 23rd (their time) the referral program does not pay out for any additional items. Meaning it could have already ended, as it’s past 12:01 AM on the 23rd in most of the world already.

You dont understand it. The only referral that they wont
pay is the new one. All previous referrals will still be able to payout. They even pay until January 8th

If thats true, that is not a good idea for their app. Many users will be mad

@steeven Please respond to us. We want to know whats happening

@Aa-ron hello help us. Please respond

@Mattches Please help. Respond

Same issue :frowning:

Same here, what pity, I wish I could see my ref until the end. I can’t check what’s happening about the confirmed and the graph… Hope they can fix it at least until 24th December…


Same issue, i hope it will be back(stats/graph) for some transparency

Hi @Carlolo,
Please send me DM with your Creator’s email.
or anyone seeing the same issue as above


yeah same. Think it’s a general issue rather than a specific account issue

Same here.

The whole referral statistics block is gone now.

Kindly check and solve this issue.

@Aa-ron @steeven @Matches

Same here. All the info about referral stats/graph disappeared and yesterday 11/23 the installation month of a friend who downloaded Brave on 10/23 should have been confirmed, but neither yesterday nor today that payment was credited