Referral Graph has stopped

Hello Brave :slight_smile:
I haven’t seen this issue here, so I’ve decided open new trhead. My referral graph has stopped two days ago. I see new instalations and downloads on Referral Promo Stats but not on the refferral graph. Could you help me please? BTW - Best Regards for the team! :slight_smile: Brave is developing wonderfully :slight_smile:

Hi @HarryHaller, thanks for writing in! Just to confirm, the graph doesn’t appear at all, or you have questions about the numbers that appear?

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Hi @steeven , really thank you for so quick reply:) Graph is ok, but it has stopped on 6 January, it’s not updating from yesterday morning, I live in Poland so we have now 7 Jan evening :wink: , I send screenshot:

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Hi @steeven today in my publishers account appears this message

Does everything ok with december’s rewards ?, thanks…

My publishers account is, thanks anyway

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