Total lose of track of the Referral Program. How do we follow up?

Hi @Aa-ron
Yes, I know, the referral program is closed. I already read these post:

But you have removed all our information: stats, graphs, everything.
Information that should continue to appear until 12/24, so that we can control all downloads and installations that are confirmed after 30 days. There is no point in making all that information disappear.
We lose track and any possibility of making the slightest control and follow-up.
In my case, 23/11 there is a friend’s installation that passed the 30-day period and that payment was not credited in the Balance.
Until Monday I had more than 100 installations to be confirmed, and now How can I control which ones are credited?

I hope you can fix this.


I strongly agree buddy, But I dont think they will fix it. Aaron explain that we will receive our deeserved BAT from referral rewards.

We have our rights to know the real status of our referrals. Im hoping for the fix too.
@steeven don’t let us us hanging here.


Last time I saw my referral graph is I had 3 new confirmed referrals (1x group4,1x group3 and 1x group2) but now 2 days passed and I didnt received my group3 and group2 rewards.

I received the group 4 I can confirm that, but I still dont receive the 11.50$ from the group3 and group2 confirmed referrals.

Today I received a 2$ amount of BAT, I bet this is from the new confirmed referrals in the passed days since they remove the graph.
How about the 11.50$. More than 48 hours passed I thought Brave only need 24 hours to got my reward reflect in Creators Dashboard.

What happenend Brave?
Please bring back the referral graph
We have the rights to know our stats anytime we want.


I think the same, how can I keep up with my referrals if the graph is not there?
@steeven could you bring some clarity to this topic?


no way. take it easy. the brave made its goal. There are 20 million. and payments are no longer their problem. now it is impossible to track statistics, because they are not going to honestly pay. their task now is to cut costs. at first they do not update the statistics for three weeks - then they pour in a pitiful heap of coins, and everyone notices it - and now you need to remove the statistics (then no one will know that they were deceived)
that’s how business works. this is capitalism.


Yeah this is kind of weird. Also I need to correct you a little bit: We should be able to see your dashboards until January 8. , it was stated that since 24. December is the last day which up to confirmations are credited, and that that last remaining BAT after December 8. would be paid in January 8. . How are we supposed to make sure our wallets are connected since we can’t access the dashboard? Especially when we know (or at least I do) that those wallets just magically keep disconnecting from the dashboard which in turn magically causes me not receiving my payments.

I really think they just closed the thing down in order to not have to pay us, probably about to give out so BS excuse for that as well. Naah actually, I think they’re not gonna even bother giving an excuse, they’re just gonna go with “sh*t happens”.
Well time to start re-reading the legal documents…

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The dashbord is online again rigthnow


No. Actually, only the total amount of the Balance and what was previously charged in the channels is online.
They have removed all our information: stats, graphs, everything from the dashboard.
Information that should continue to appear until January 8, so that we can control all downloads and installations that are confirmed after 30 days.
We lose track and any possibility of making the slightest control and follow-up.

In my case, the Balance total is completely frozen since Monday and I had several confirmed installations that should have already added to that total.

But no one at Brave answers about this specifically, or does anything to fix it.

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My dashboard is freezed too. They are gonna pay just that they wanna pay.

I also cannot track my old referral. I had few hundreds of downloads and NO ONE was paid–ever.
I also personally installed brave on few different devices so I could be sure that the users were using the browser for more than 30 days, an no referral was ever paid.
Now I can’t check and do anything as there’s no dashboard.
We just did free marketing.


Is anyone from Brave following the forum?

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