The referral graph is gone

Hi everyone,

This morning (1st november), the referral graph is gone… Is it just a temporary bug or should we expect a new version of the publisher board?

The referral stats have been reset (1st of the month). It’s fine but less readable because the payout is 8 days after. I guess it should be fix soon or with the new version of the board.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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Hello @Tiko

the issue are with you have many bats so send all of them to me and the issue will be fixed :joy::joy::joy:

hope it get fixed soon and have a nice day


@justsomeone1 no problem, I’ll transfert my BAT to your Uphold account :wink:

Just because I’m curious, are you facing the same issue or not?
I’ve added a new channel yesterday and may be, this is the reason why my graph is gone today.

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excellent lool

sorry man i am not publisher so i have no idea what the issue
and congratulations for your new channel

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Thanks, I just forgot to add my Twitter account :wink:


@steeven have you any idea what’s happen, please?

Is it linked to the new channel I’ve added yesterday os it is a bug?
Thks in advance.

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The referral graph is back (and I don’t know why / how).

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HI @Tiko, thanks for your patience, just seeing your thread. I’m not sure what would have caused this. Can you confirm that it’s still showing?

No problem @steeven my issue was not so important and you have many message to reply :wink:
Yes the graph is still showing for now.
Sounds ok.

How can i resolve this problem

Welcome @michaelmenes112

The referral program is closed since 8th October:

Best regards