Graph showing 30 days used also added tokens but Feb table showing 0 confirmed any problem?

In my referral graph it’s showing I have 30 daysa used referrals and also added token for them.
But in the Feb 2020 Referral Promo Status Table It’s showing 0 Confirmed. why?
Will it effect the payout at april 8th? when it will be fixed? pls reply me soon.

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will any one from support will reply pls. It’s over 5 hour but no reply. It’s not a email that is taking too much time to reply. Isn’t I posted this in live chat/support?

pls calm down . brave team going to fix it soon , give them time

poor support from brave community. Just ignoring. Very bad.

I see not correctly stats displaying every month. Anyway each month its fixes.
I also have same problem. (30 days confirmed visitors not showing from 12 Feb also)

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@RakibRahman did you seen this topic?

Thanks. But it’s fine now. Sorry to brave community for my behaviour about commenting to the support. I really wish brave beat google chrome everyway. Brave should create it’s own mail or Bmail and BraveTube.

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