My referal state/graph is disappear

suddenly i see that my referal graph is disappear from few days. why its happen?

anyone tell me the reason

Has there any solution in that problem?

Hi @Rubel1,
This is due to the sunsetting of the referral program, please see:

Please note any confirmations made before December 24th will be paid out.
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How can we know how many confirms we have since the graph is no longer displayes? Also, the BAT balance is not being updated for those confirmed on October.


Rest assured, confirmations for any referral installs are still being recorded. Brave will honour referral confirmations made before December 24th.
If you feel that you have not been paid out correctly once the final payout occurs, please let us know.


Hey hello, I just wanna ask you how long do the reward will reflect to our dashboard? Because last time I saw my graph is I got 3 new confirmed referrals (couple hours before the winding down) And its Group 4,Group 3 and Group 2, But After 48 hours. I only received the Group 4, reward which is 2$, Can you check? I already Dm’d you the relevant info. Thanks

I guess I’m not the only one, thought the balance not updating was a bug but now i’m confident it will be all right.

I have sent a DM to you in this regard

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