No downloads and installs on referral promo graph

Hello, I have no downloads and installs on statistic chart from few days. I haven’t seen them on referral promo graph from 3 days, but I have a lot of campaigns and I’m sure people download Brave via my website. It’s referral program over? Have Brave paused the downloads and installs for the time of withdrawal/payments? Regards.

the Referral program is still on. I can’t comment on a pause during withdrawal time cause I know nothing about that but all i know is for new publishers the referral chart take a little while to be updated. @HarryHaller please stay calm

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Brother you know about missing payments, there are many people who did not get their payment what information they have about that

Payment are done on a queue so as to not overload uphold servers

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Brother last month I was paid on May 8, my concern is that today is June 9 and I have not received my payment this month and as there are already many

Hello, thank You for reply, I believe payment will be tomorrow, my question is only about pause of downloads and installs on my referral graph. I have decided turn off my campaigns, I’m waiting for information, Best Regards.

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