Referral Stats NOT Showing...Downloads 0

I see members here complaining about the same issue but I see no fix. I had 2 friends download and install the Brave Browser using my ref. link. My stats show 0, more than 48 hours later. 0 Downloads, 0 Installs.

What I do see is people showing correct numbers on their “Referral Graph” - How do I access this “Referral Graph”? I can’t find it anywhere on the Brave Rewards Creators page.

Please advice. Thank you

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Hi @antebogs - can you DM me the email linked to your account?

Sure thing, DM sent. Thanks for the quick reply.

I now see some Downloads showing up but it seems to be delayed by 2+ days. Is this normal? Even if it shows “Last Updated 6 Hours Ago” it doesn’t seem to actually “update”.

Check month in which you referred person… month changed reset all stats to zero for new month

that’s not what I’m asking or part of my problem.

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i have the same problem, my sister used my ref link to download and install and in my Refferal graph show 0 downloads and 0 installs! she installed 20 hours ago and used image

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Same problem bere, I’ve been advertising a lot my ref link in the last week but I don’t see any changes in my stats, there must be something strange here.

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And now I cannot see my referral stats at all. The download/install graph is gone and I cannot see my referrals stats at all. I know that the referral program isn’t available anymore for Indonesian creators since 30 June 2020. But at least make us able to monitor our referral verification progress.

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If your referral panel is not showing please check your email for an important update from Brave Rewards.

Here is a link to a blog post which describes the change.

Hi I’m having the exact same problem, and besides that, I never get any adds, and It’s all “set up correctly” (add on, wallet verifed, my youtube channel, the referral link) … Is it true that Brave it’s not paying anything for the adds and referrals? I don’t get why I have this problem, many of the people which I recommended brave, will have the same issue? You’re making me look bad :frowning_face:
Please help me to do it right. Thanks

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