Question about this Brave Rewards and the Brave Wallet

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first congratulatin for the relase of brave wallet well done brave team

i have question about this Brave Rewards and the Brave Wallet

One idea is this: with some cryptography, you’d be able to prove that your address has completed KYC, without revealing any personal information to us. Once your address is verified in this way, we’d be able to send you your BAT earnings directly on-chain to your address, without first going through a crypto exchange.

does that mean if user has one of those crypto then he direect link will be possible so in other way he/she should link one of this crypto to brave wallet to make the direct link avilable am i getting it right ?

can we get list of those crypto that has that feature

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personally I think there’s more than KYC at stake. Sending money, at least on ETh network, would be cost prohibitive atm. Perhaps when ETH 2.0 comes out. And yeah, there are blockchains such as Nu I think which directly would allow to do KYC validation while remaining private.

No, there’s no “link” that would occur. The BAT tokens would simply be sent directly to the wallet though

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@tsa thanks for the info

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