I have disabled the rewards system until Brave Rewards can be linked to other wallets or exchanges

Well that, I have stopped receiving BAT rewards because in my country only Uphold is available, and with that exchange KYC validation always fails me. I have written to them but it always gives errors. When is Brave going to reach agreements with other exchanges or Wallets such as Coinbase, Ledger, etc., where I have an account? Is it known if these new collaborations will be created in order to activate the ad system again? Thank you.


Well, not known when. Brave is always wanting to give users more options but they can’t do it on their own. The rewards program is something unprecedented so many big players till don’t want to get onboard, so kinda smaller players like Uphold and Gemini took the risks and have been partners with brave for long now.
If you want any particular exchange to be available, it will be best to write to that exchange directly. If they see enough demands, they’ll make a way for it to happen.

Also, I’ll share

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It was a bait and switch, we were promised rewards for watching ads and brave decided not to pay.
Can’t really blame them, they have billions of reasons to comply with the kyc bs.
They don’t really care about our freedom, they just wanted to attach our ‘real’ identities to the ads we had been watching so they would have more value for them.

As quick as a better option presents itself I will be jumping ship.

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