Anyway to collect brave rewards to brave wallet?

Any bridges on brave wallet ?

I dont want to use uphold or gemini for rewarding system.

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Umm, not as of now. But they are working on this. There’s a thing to Note.
Even though you will be able to collect rewards to the Brave wallet, as of now atleast, Brave says you will still require to connect to Uphold / Gemini or a new custodian which will be available in the near future.

Being dependent on a service provider doesn’t fit well with crypto. It would be great if a more free Brave experience was offered. It is a difficult experience for us because some countries are not accepted by these exchanges. So, I want to collect the rewards directly to the brave wallet, it would be very nice if this is provided without an intermediary. We can then trade on an exchange of our choice or a swap feature can be added to the wallet.

I know. But as of now, we will have to do what is put forth. Its also because of government rules & regulations. KYC/AML stuff.

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Hopefully, most countries will be added back by the end of the year. Also as Brave says, the new custodian they’re working with, once integrated will make everyone very happy. Let’s see which one it is.

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I understand not wanting Uphold or Gemini.

Given the crazy amount of options today.

I’ve been receiving rewards since November, 2017.

Uphold was the only choice.

Uphold has come a long way–just not as far as Brave has.

That said, I can attest that Uphold transfers/withdrawals fees are nowhere near BTC/ETH chain txns, but they aren’t BNB or MATIC low either.

Their waiting period for KYC is probably a deal breaker?

I get that it would be, but BAT isn’t going away, and they stack like SATs, so you could begin the KYC hold, I suppose?

Uphold is not terrible–the KYC regulations are.

I have Gemini, but I do not know it from a Brave user POV–only self usage for the EARN function…before it all fell on it’s face.

DCA? Always!

Good luck

What happened with all rewards Brave clients from unauthorized countries earned?

We get in the Brave Rewards wallet (Not to be confused with Brave Wallet). Those claimed BATs remain there and are transferred to Gemini/Uphold once you connect.

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