Send bat tokens to other address or wallet?

Can I send my bat tokens that I’ve earned to my other wallet ? If so how ?
Love that we get paid in bat for using brave but dont like the way YouTube us displayed in the brave browser, I’m still using it to watch vids but I go to my reg YouTube on Google quite a bit still because they display it better, u can search for other vids while listening to the vid u have playing on Google but not in brave, please fix this so I can ditch Google all together please

Welcome @Mommabear3 for now BAT granted can’t be withdrawn to a personal account it is meant to be passed forward to publishers you like their content. I would saw a bidirectional wallet is in development. Please just wait a little while longer. Welcome to a Brave new world.

Ok, thank u for your quick response, I’m looking forward to that new wallet their working on, I’ll use some bat as tips but I love crypto so want to add some to my other wallet to save for myself and my future :grin::heart::pray:

I also would like to send the BAT to ANY wallet, not uphold which doesn’t work at all! I’ve also created a post asking people to vote on the issue :0D

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