Brave wallet acount address questions

Hello everyone

i know that to get BAT that we still need uphold and gemini account at eleast for now

and there were a post that deleted that one of the team said

One idea is this: with some cryptography, you’d be able to prove that your address has completed KYC, without revealing any personal information to us. Once your address is verified in this way, we’d be able to send you your BAT earnings directly on-chain to your address, without first going through a crypto exchange.

now to the questions :

  1. i created new wallet account and it give me an address (i am not using any uphold/gimini ) then i get an address the question is
    can i use this address to get ETH and using the swap even without the need to do the kyc

  2. using the above account can i link one/more of those crypto that avilable on the brave wallet without the kyc thing ?

  3. can anyone (except brave company) send me BAT using this address also even without having uphold/gimini account or not?
    i.e a person who has uphold/gemin send BAT to a person who has only brave wallet

  4. once you enable that option that would allow us get our BAT to brave wallet without the need to have uphold/gimini account using one of those built in kyc crypto will we get a new address or the same account address would be fine

  5. is there a roadmap or thing to track what plan you are going to implement

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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