Query regarding BAT processing

Hello, I have a query about my current situation regarding BAT Rewards.

So, I have three Brave Rewards profiles, one on the desktop (release version), two on Android (release and beta versions), and all of them are linked to my Zebpay custodial wallet.

Recently, two of my profiles were flagged which I believe to be a false positive from Brave’s automated flagging system. I have raised support tickets for each case (222758 and 225022).

To add to the concern, all my BAT tokens were sent for processing, including from my flagged profiles, on October 1st. I’m uncertain whether the BAT tokens were supposed to disappear from flagged profiles even though they won’t be added to my Zebpay wallet. Will they be sent to my custodial wallet in the next payout when eligible or did they just disappear into the void? (just kidding xD)

Thank you for your time and support!

@mxveesh let me answer in the following ways:

  • Flagged accounts should be across all devices. So anything connected to the same ZebPay/Gemini/Uphold should be flagged. It’s possible this isn’t fully established properly with ZebPay yet, but just be advised when one device/profile gets flagged, all should be.

  • In regards to payments, you wouldn’t be able to receive anything while flagged. Most likely this means you won’t receive your first payment until November (if they reinstate your account), unless they happen to clear it soon and push the payment through manually. (which is unlikely, if I’m being honest)

  • If your account gets reinstated, all BAT pending prior to being flagged would be given to you. (which would be whatever BAT you’re saying would have had before it went to 0 from you connecting)

  • While flagged, you earn no BAT even if you see ads. So from whatever date you were flagged (which likely happened prior to you being notified) until they reinstate your account, there will be absolutely no earnings and therefore nothing to pay you. You’ll only receive payments for what you had prior to being flagged…if they reinstate your account. If not reinstated, you get nothing at all.

Also want to mention, it’s that “busy time” of the month as payments are ongoing. Typically issues regarding payments can’t be handled until after the payment period is over. You can check the status of payouts at Ads Payout Status Update

While they will try to help you as soon as possible, just keep in mind that it might be more than a week or two before you get a response. If you hear from them quicker, especially before payouts complete, then count yourself incredibly lucky.

Flagged accounts should be across all devices. So anything connected to the same ZebPay/Gemini/Uphold should be flagged.

Thank you for the clarification, Saoiray. I was confused because one of my profiles remained connected while the others were flagged. However, your explanation makes sense.

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Main thing to keep in mind as well though is you wouldn’t be able to know that the one that is “connected” is flagged until you either realize the payment didn’t arrive or until it disconnects and you try to connect again.

This does confuse some people but they essentially do it this way so there’s no immediate way of knowing what is resulting in being flagged or anything. It’s just that intentional delay. Some people notice themselves connected and don’t pay attention, only then reporting an issue when they finally realize they went like 2 months without payments or because they finally got disconnected from the custodial partner and then were given the flagged notice when trying to reconnect.

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I’m disappointed to update you that Brave decided to keep my rewards profile flagged despite all my efforts. After going through the process of creating a Zebpay account and adding my personal details to it, my trust in Brave has significantly diminished.

I’d like to offer feedback to Brave, urging them to address their flawed automated flagging system and the review process for support tickets. It’s essential for them to improve these aspects, not only for their sake but also to ensure a fair experience for users like me.

If you submitted a ticket through our support form I can assure you your case was reviewed manually. Thank you.

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