BAT Token vanished after Zebpay Connect

*I am using brave from few years, even before India was discontinued from Bat rewards due to govt. rules and regulations. i had around 35 BAT tokens in current account. recently support for Brave rewards in India has arrived with new wallet “Zebpay” but now the issue is, all the tokens I had before all this discontinuation process are gone and now my account has 0 BAts in it. This is terrible, all of my BAT saving is wasted. I want my BATs back. Please !

**Operating System - Android Brave Version 1.58.131 **

Verified custodian - Zebpay

Are you in a supported region - Yes? ([see here]

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Please hover over or press on the yellow question mark tooltip next to your Brave Rewards balance:

As you’ll see, it explains that your balance will be transferred to your ZebPay account as part of your upcoming ad earnings payout.

But I dont even have that mark tooltip. I lost 25BAT

Same here, when I came back to check it out today for payouts, there’s a message saying your ads account has been flagged.

I had about 27BAT lying around in my old phone. I had switched to a new phone while payouts to India were disabled but when brave had an option of zebpay, I connected my old phone with 27BAT and now this. I guess my BAT is stuck.

When will my account be unflagged?

Dont think “while trying improve the flagging system” is a good timeline.

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Please submit a ticket here and someone will review your case.


Hey @Evan123 Zebpay users receive the bat in the next payout. So if anyone connected after October 1st, then should receive in November payout. Is that right @chriscat?

Correct, unless it is flagged, which would require a ticket and additional review.

Okay thanks for the clarification. I was unsure since vbat expiration is 31st October. Much thanks.

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