Account flagged and my reward vanished from 2 days after connecting zebpay

after connecting zebpay my account was flushed and all my bat token are gone from 2 days. today my account is flagged, for what ? i dont use vpn or anything

@shubh30 it goes to zero because it gets pulled out to process and arrive at ZebPay. This would be happening in the next payout, which begins around October 7.

That said, for you to be told today that your account is flagged would mean you’ll not be receiving a payout and you won’t be able to earn any additional BAT unless/until the flag (suspension) is removed from your account.

In regards to asking why you’re flagged, nobody will ever tell you.

Only thing you can do is create a Rewards Support Ticket at and see if Brave will reinstate your account. After they do an investigation, they’ll message to let you know one of three options (listed from worst possible to best answer):

  1. Your account won’t be reinstated. (to clarify, means you’ll get nothing. They see it that you violated Terms and earned BAT through fraud or abuse)

  2. Your account won’t be reinstated. They will automatically review this next month. (Meaning they aren’t confident and someone will take another look next month. You’ll be notified if they decide to reinstate your account)

  3. Your account will be reinstated. You’ll receive your BAT in the next payout. (depending on response time, means you may not get anything until November).

i have a question i have 100 bat previous brave user then verfied id certified with zebpay then it turns to zero after 8 th of the month will i get 100bat back or not .if the answer is not then kinda got betrayed .

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its will come next month but if you get flagged like many of us after connecting zebpay forget about it

As far as what I have understood from reading, they will be paid along with the current earnings in the next payout. This means 100 + whatever you have earned this month will be paid in the next payout.

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@coco All vBAT is pulled from your browser, processed by Brave, and then queued up to be paid in the next big payout, which is around November 7 (though that’s when it begins, not when you’re guaranteed payment, it can take days to a few weeks to arrive)

In regards to what @shubh30 mentioned, if your account is flagged for suspicious behavior while it processes your payment, then you wouldn’t receive payment unless/until your account is reinstated. If they reinstate an account, all the BAT will be paid out. You just would have no earnings during the time your account is flagged/suspended.

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