Brave Profile is flagged with all previous bats 0

I have been waiting for a long time to connect to the custodian account after unsupported by Uphold. I recently saw that Brave now supports ZebPay. I instantly proceeded. My wallet had approximately 24.5 BAT tokens. The moment I connected, all became 0, but I was able to see a note that they would be added in the next payout. I was chill. But today, I got a prompt that ZebPay disconnected, I tried reconnecting it, and boom!!! this is what I saw

@Saoiray Kindly help me with this.

For the flagged issue
Raise a ticket at

Make sure to share the ticket id here (you’ll get one to your email when you submit the ticket).

More details for payouts for Zebpay at

Ticket id for Brave Rewards Profile Flagged issue: 222846

What helpful reply I got. I kept waiting in the hope that Brave will add soon some custodian wallet for my region. And when it got added, they flagged my profile and saying it can’t be reinstated without mentioning any valid reason.
@steeven @Saoiray please help here.

They won’t mention a valid reason. Kinda obvious.
They used to tell it earlier but they saw that many people then tried to find work around / loopholes so they stopped telling the reasons.

Same goes with many crypto exchanges too nowadays, they can close your account without giving any reasons whatsoever.

I got to know that VPN could be a reason. So If we use brave with vpn then we should forget Rewards and if we want rewards too then we muzt not use brave with vpn.

Nope. It was cleared that using a VPN only isn’t enigh to get flagged and if it still did, it would be removed.
(source - Project Manager of Brave rewards)

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