Did not receive payment in December

Have you received Nov rewards which was supposed to come in Dec? I have still not got it. For the past 2 months, it used to be deposited on 14th.

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Payments are showing complete at Ads Payout Status Update so I would recommend a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

Yes, I have received my BATs on 11 Dec. Also I dunno why I received some extra BATs to

I wrote to them and I received a reply saying my rewards profile had been flagged and I would not be eligible for payouts. I am slightly confused as to why my rewards profile was flagged and also, if my profile is flagged, will I still be able to earn BAT but not receive payouts? I am still logged in to my Zebpay on brave and I received no pop-up saying my profile has been flagged.

Just to be clear, is that the message that also says your account won’t be reinstated?

Yeah, it generally keeps logged in for a while and people don’t get the flagged notice until it finally disconnects and they attempt to log in again. There is/was something of a bug not long ago that was letting people log in even while flagged, but I think that has been resolved.

Unfortunately, never can know what happens. I do wish Brave could be a little more open on this process, but they aren’t. To be honest, a lot of banks and cryptocurrency type places are the same as well. I’ve shared links and screenshots before of places like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, and others all explaining that accounts were being closed but wouldn’t explain why.

The long and short of it though is generally it means antifraud teams did a risk assessment and determined that your use of the Rewards was unusual and a violation of Brave’s Terms of Use had occurred. This violation also either was severe or frequent enough that they also believe it to be intentional.

And even if you believe you did nothing, there’s no real way to appeal it or argue. People can reply to the emails or make another ticket, but they’ll generally just reply that a decision was made and nothing more can be done. Either that, or they’ll just ignore the messages once they have made their final decision.

You can see where I was talking to someone else who was upset over being flagged over at Not getting my Brave Rewards!. In that you’ll see where I discuss the Terms of Use and even touch on one of the major issues that tends to get people in trouble, which is VPN. But that’s about the most that can be said, honestly.

The same mail said that the profile will not be reinstated. The mail was received yesterday. I just want to let you know that I do not use any extensions or codes to break the rules set by Brave as I am no expert in coding.

I was logged out and I logged back in today. So it’s either the bug has not been resolved or my account has not been flagged, and I assume there is some foul play going on. The issue is they are not being transparent. When we select our ads region, Brave could set some commands so that only ads from that set region are displayed no matter where we are. This helps battle the issue caused if VPNs are used. What other loopholes in the rewards system need to be found and closed just like how Microsoft did with their rewards? Constant improvement is more necessary than just flagging profiles.

Hey, I am so sorry for your profile getting flagged, but I’ve some questions:

Does the support tell you why your profile was flagged?
Can you recall any suspicious activity from your side?
Can’t you just reset your profile and remove this flag issue?

The Support does not tell the reason for it to be flagged,

I used to use VPN for Geforce Now Free tier which has a long waiting time.

I can watch ads and the Bats are increasing as well. I can login too. Thats why this is confusing.

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So, u are telling me using a VPN can get u flagged wtf? Also if I reset my rewards profile then flag would be gone no?

I have no idea. They just don’t say the reason. I am sure other than using a VPN, I have not done anything. The VPN was not used for grinding ads but for other purposes. If the VPN causes an issue, they need to provide an option to pause ads while we connect to the VPN. We select our rewards region when we set it up. Then why do they have to show other country ads when we have selected the region we reside in?

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Hi @Saoiray Even tho my profile has been flagged, why am I able to still earn bats? Is it of any use that has been collected? Each time I view an ad, my BAT increases. Everything is just as before. I am able to do everything now that I could do before profile got flagged as well. Could you please clarify if this is normal?

You aren’t. I already told you earlier…

Yeah, it generally keeps logged in for a while and people don’t get the flagged notice until it finally disconnects and they attempt to log in again. There is/was something of a bug not long ago that was letting people log in even while flagged, but I think that has been resolved.

What you’re saying makes it seem like it hasn’t resolved. What you go by is what Support tells you. You’re saying that you received a response that you are flagged and won’t be reinstated. That’s what I’d go by.

That said, I don’t even see where you shared your ticket number. So it’s not like I can tag anyone to see if they’ll take a second look or anything.,

It’s seems it’s quite common for accounts to be flagged for no explanation other than it will not be unflaged. It seems to be happening quite often.
If your account is flagged, don’t bother trying to troubleshoot. It’s a lot of work for little payoff, move on, or use another browser or continue using it without the rewards.

Correct, for many places. Doesn’t matter if it’s Binance, Gemini, Uphold, Coinbase, etc. All of them will just strictly tell you that you’re suspended or they can’t continue to offer an account. Nobody goes into details because they got tired of people using information to try to better avoid fraud. Or even just the dumb people who would argue and try the “prove it!” attitudes. At the end of the day, we all signed agreements and know what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

That’s actually a small subset of users being told that. Quite a few have received payments and had their accounts reinstated.

There’s no troubleshooting. You create a ticket and either it gets resolved or it doesn’t.

lul, i wish but in reality they keep flagging people for “irregular activity” nobody knows $hit about what that means or what they did wrong, but i guess we all are trying to fraud for those 10 cents rewards. Even the brave ambassadors got flagged multiple times but it’s all good they just need to stop frauding.

And yeah they will unflag you once until it happens again & then it’s radio silence.

But glad to know it’s just a small userbase getting robbed so everything’s fine, (mind sharing those numbers btw ? I really doubt it’s that small when every day people complain here, in my mails, in discord, on reddit and other forums about getting flagged, now add most that are not even aware of it yet & those that will just move on without complaining). And yes robbed because brave will still show you thousands of ads before you finally complain about not receiving rewards and find out a year later you were flagged and won’t be compensated nor reinstated.

And for those wondering above i never used a VPN so vpn or not same bs will happen.
Before that i even got this reply “After careful consideration, we have determined that your Rewards profiles will remain flagged at this time. Your account will be automatically re-evaluated next month. There is no need to fill out an additional ticket.”
6 month later nothing changed and a new ticket gives me a bot reply in the next 10 minutes about not being reinstated.

Just move on it’s not worth wasting your time with support until they acknowledge their anti fraud system is a joke. Or do like me complain again & again to raise awareness until they do.

Exactly the point which Saoiray highlighted :rofl:

sure, “we all know what we should not do” is straight up bs but hilarious i guess.

Clowns even sell a VPN then can’t give a straight answer whether or not you might get flagged for using it

Answer has been given. It has been said that VPN in itself doesn’t get you flagged. However, as I’ve pointed out to people, the Terms of Use for Rewards said you can’t attempt to view ads from outside your region. So VPN isn’t what gets you flagged, it’s using VPN to appear within other countries while having Rewards enabled, which then is you attempting to view ads from other regions.

But then also built on that, where they say they try to give wiggle room for people who are innocently using VPN. So there are extra factors. You are right in that they aren’t defining all the extras because they don’t want people abusing it to try to learn the limits and have a higher success in abuse.

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I was flagged at some point and unflagged. I have a notification that payouts for december were completed but, I do not have any record of payouts since August 2023.

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