Brave reward profile flagged, recently connected Zebpay, no VPN used

  My brave rewards account which was connected to Zebpay got flagged.

I did connect Zebpay on Brave browser, Brave nightly on Android. I tried connecting to windows but it wasn’t successful.
I didn’t use VPN .
Another query - Previous BAT balance in my brave rewards account vanished once i connected Zebpay, it didn’t reflect in Zebpay wallet. Is this a new scam from Zebpay of looting their users or brave has some hand and share in it?

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@rkst create a Rewards Support Ticket at

Flagged account means the system detected unusual behavior from you that may be a violation of Terms.

In regards to your balance going to 0, that’s what happens when you link to a custodial partner. It drains the vBAT so it can send you BAT. But it would be stuck in between so long as your account is flagged/suspended. If you get the support ticket in and they decide to remove the flag, then you’ll likely receive your BAT here during the November payout…assuming they resolve your issue before November.

If your account isn’t reinstated and is kept flagged, then it means you get nothing. This would be because they would have determined you intentionally violated Terms.

Stucked or taken i don’t care, have no expectations from brave now & Zebpay you know its the worst.

Leave that aside, how you reply so fast ? Was that a auto reply? You were quick at response. Don’t you have any thing else to do? Or its your job now.

Please let us know what falls under ‘Unusual Behaviour’. I have seen people saying they do not use VPNs yet their account gets flagged. This is a serious issue and maybe an advisory of dos and don’ts may be issued to us in order to completely follow the rules and conditions.

I don’t know man what is unusual behaviour. I know that people use vpn to get more ads. Which i didn’t do.
These people flag our accounts and say unusual behaviour. Who’s supposed to explain ‘on what unusual behaviour my account flagged’ me or them?

I did raise ticket, i got the reply that it can’t be reversed and i cant use brave rewards old and new both and also in future.

No mentioning of reasons for flagging my profile!
Even when i ask again and again no reply regarding that

What shall I do?

That’s scary because we can not know what not to do and we lose out on the benefits. As Brave is a privacy-first browser, VPNs must not cause issues as the sole purpose of VPNs is to maintain our privacy.

Privacy is a myth, tor can be trusted upto certain a mark, rest all are similar :sweat_smile:

One of my friend asked me why there is a private browser in brave if brave won’t save your data? I had no answers.
Now i don’t recommend it to anyone bcoz whenever they see an issue i have to explain them, I’m not running this company😂 so i suggest to switch to any other browser of their wish.

I’m using brave community on brave browser. Brave browser block cookies but brave community won’t open unless you accept cookies. That’s hypocrisy you expect others not to save cookies but you won’t do the same.

I suspect, 1-1.5 years ago something went wrong in Brave. Their higher team got hacked, may be someone from inside was involved. From then it is going down.

I happened to be online at the time and saw your post. It just was fortunate timing.

Sorry, Brave won’t reveal specifics. They used to tell us more, but people ended up using that to try to improve on methods to avoid detection.

What I will tell you is that they essentially mean anything that is a violation of Terms of Service, which includes a lot. The other aspect is a bit more, which is about abusing Rewards. Brave is meant to be used as a normal web browser that we all are using casually. If you’re sitting here setting timers and trying to open NTP in order to see every NTP ad you can and you’re constantly opening and scrolling through Brave News, all to try to use the browser like it’s here to “mine” or “farm” BAT, then you’re going to have problems.

People mention VPN, but that’s not the primary reason people get in trouble. It’s just one of the many contributing things. And the reason why VPN gets people in trouble is they use it to appear as if they are in different countries and are trying to view the ads from those other countries, which is a violation of Terms.

You should learn more. There’s different types of cookies. If you block 1st party cookies, then this means you can’t login. 1st party cookies is how a website knows you are you, it’s how you create accounts. 1st party cookies are only able to interact with that specific website. It does not leak any info and is not seen by anyone except the website it’s used for. Basically, it’s the key for you to access your preferences and account. Without that key, it doesn’t let you do anything.

What Brave fights against and protects us from are 3rd party cookies. These are cookies that track you after you leave their site and they watch what you’re doing.

Where can I get access to the ToS to know more about the rules and regulations to be followed?

Ohh how shall i allow 1st party cookies, because i see block cross site cookies and block all cookies.

I know unusual behaviour includes everything but what did i do? Whose going to explain that to me?
The person who was replying to my emails probably had no idea, its just unusual behaviour for them.

@rkst Can you try to reconnect ZebPay and see if it works, just in case.

I did try this before it wasn’t successful, now because of you checked again and it worked :joy: thanks bhai, tu toh antaryami nikla​:rofl::rofl:

Made a new rewards profile? Do update us if it gets flagged again or works fine.

No i didn’t do anything, just tried connecting the same profile again it got connected, will update if anything happens.

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had the same happened to me, just turn off ads don’t use it.
support ticket are of no use, they will not fix the issue

Oh, did they tell you that your account won’t be reinstated? If so, that just means they are confident that you violated terms.

Brave regularly helps resolve issues for lots of people each month. But there’s always lots of people mixed in who are blatantly abusing Rewards and violating Terms of Service that do get told their account is permanently suspended/banned.

As you read, you should see section that also mentions:

You acknowledge and agree that there are risks associated with accessing and using the Platform and holding BAT, as disclosed and explained in Exhibit C of the BAT Terms of Sale, available at

So you also have to go to those Terms and read, especially in regards to Exhibit C on risks associated. That part isn’t much to do with the idea of getting flagged but is important for those complaining about sunsetting vBAT and other similar issues.

Don’t know how but i got my account back🤦 still i didn’t get why it was flagged in the first place.
Nevermind it now.

I have new issues, Zebpay regularly get logged out of my rewards account, reason it gives is ‘to secure my account’ is it ok if I’m logged out of my rewards account during the month ends?

I tried connecting it to my other devices, in one instance (brave beta) I’m not finding Zebpay option It is still displaying Uphold and Gemini. I checked here for reasons, one i found was wrong selection of my country. How can i check which country was selected. It was many months back and i don’t even remember whether i did a mistake while selecting country. Is there a way to check and if wrong country was selected a way to rectify it?

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