Put the "De" back in "DeFi"

Not a bug, just an issue and a suggestion.

Why can’t I just have my Brave Rewards sent straight to my wallet?
I mean honestly isn’t the whole point about “DeFi” decentralized finance?
That certainly was a key component and selling point driving many of us to use Brave Browser. But now we come to find that in order to be awarded Brave tokens we have to “get verified” and be entirely paid through that same third-party who verified us, which is of course entirely traceable since you’ve went and centralized it.

Now I’m not saying or suggesting any of us take legal actions, but that is false advertisement defrauding of equitable estoppel.

Perhaps I’m simply misunderstanding things and on some back-end corner of this forum is a clear explanation of what capabilities your “self-custodial” wallet has, but if it does have the capacity to be paid BAT from our sacrifice of getting corporate ads thrown in our faces—I can’t seem to find that section after searching, here on the community forum, but maybe it is here somewhere.

And if so then that’s so many miles away from being user-intuitive, that’s like when TurboTax told users it had a “file your taxes FREE” promotion but then hid the actual page for it on a random link which they blocked from search results, while the users who clicked the ads went merely to the home page, ending up spending all their time on their taxes only to find out it forced them to pay…

TurboTax was sued over that and I think they’re still in court figuring out settlements.

Again, am I suggesting legal actions?:

No. I want Brave and the Brave browser community to win. It’s an awesome product, and it deserves as much of a shot at that as possible.

But seriously if you guys don’t get with your own program you yourselves claim to value -namely the “decentralized” part of “DeFi” - then I will have to take the “I” out.

Which of done in tandem by people feeling the same way would leave you with just one big capital “F”.

Go hard—or go home.

Put the De back in DeFi.

-Duo Maxwell,
Gundam wing pilot.

@DuoMaxwell been disconnected from the world and what’s going on with Brave? You may want to go read through everything and click the links at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

Also might want to look at things like below, as they at least highlight some of the hurdles Brave has had to consider and deal with. Early on legal teams advised to err on the side of caution. Now they have new legal teams and are pushing ahead: