Verified for months, still wont release BAT rewards (Emailed devs months ago no response)

Hello, I have use 2 separate braverewards/uphold accounts for mobile and PC(Both verified). My one account has had no problems for over 1 year. My mobile account however, will not send the rewards to my uphold account no matter how long I wait. I watched a value of 150$ worth of BAT crash to 50$ because it will not release. It has probably 8 months of rewards backed up.

Am I going to have to pay capital gains tax on that 150$(now 50$) because I could not get it out? I wish we could just have our rewards automatically sent to our OWN eth wallet address of choice. I don’t understand why anyone thought using Uphold as a middleman was ever a good idea. As Brave prides itself being a privacy browser, it’s ironic they don’t offer us direct control of our rewards. Not your keys, not your tokens. Why can’t I just send it to metamask? I’ll pay the ETH fee for the convenience!

In one thread, the devs asked everyone to send their brave rewards wallet ID and information. I sent all the asked info in a private message. It got 4 views but no replies( I messaged them, 3 months ago). It has been very frustrating considering my other account has had 0 problems.

I love Brave and I enjoy using it. I don’t have any ill will, nor am I that upset. Just want this too get fixed. I don’t understand how transferring tokens is that hard. I have been patiently waiting over half a year. It is finally time I start bugging you guys about this.

Any help would be great, thanks in advance!~

I share your frustration, as I’ve had almost the exact same experience, albeit not for as long as you have.

Uphold is terrible. Brave needs to part ways from them ASAP or risk torpedo-ing their own reputation.

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Indeed, I really hope they address these long standing issues. It doesn’t seem like this problem would take more than a couple days to fix and restore some good faith.

We don’t know if the problem lies with Brave or with Uphold. If the BAT is still showing up in your Brave browser, then that may suggest Brave devs will be better positioned to help you.

Please try PMing the Brave support devs again as they could be busy or overwhelmed.

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