I wanted to love this, but alas it is a nightmare at this point!

Long story short, I created an Uphold account and used my CC to purchase $20 worth of BAT that I THOUGHT I could move into my Brave Rewards account. No dice I guess.

So then I see I can create a local wallet, whatever that really is and so I do. I then struggle through moving what’s left of my original $20 into DAI, which I then (somehow) successfully transferred to my local wallet. Where now it sits and I cannot move that back to uphold or anywhere else since it wants a fee payable only in ETH which I have none of. So to fund that, I need to buy $7 worth of that to pay a $2.68 fee to transfer it back?

Well, I’m a pretty smart guy (been in IT for 33 years but I guess I’m out my $20. Not a big deal in and of itself, but that brings me to me questions:

  • Delete my local wallet, money and all because I’m done here.
  • What risks am I under at this point if I just flat leave, delete Brave and forget the whole thing?
  • Why is this stuff so dang nebulous?


Well, I figured out how to delete the local wallet. I guess someone will “mine” my DAI leftover.

Am I free and clear at this point, assuming I shut dow my Uphold account and Delete Brave completely after wiping my data?

Any help would be appreciated. I’m just too old I guess to really dig into all of this :slight_smile:

Very sorry to hear about your rough experience here at Brave. When you say “local wallet”, I’m assuming you’re referring to brave://wallet, is that correct?

:point_up: While I am happy to assist here and make the browser/process more clear for you, you are welcome to delete Brave and any associated browsing data at any time – is there a particular risk you were worried about?

So I was able to delete my local wallet by simply deleting the directory it was in (thanks Reddit!), Then I was able to delete all my saved passwords that I had imported from chrome and finally I was able to delete the browser which I had installed on a computer I’d rather not have had it on because I didn’t know what I was getting into at the time.

Meanwhile I broke the sync chain between my mobile device and that browser which means it’s on my mobile device only at this point. Since I was unable to create a local wallet in my mobile device, I was able to download a wallet from the Google Play store and I was able to import my local wallet by using the passphrase into that wallet.

To tell you the truth I have learned a lot about cryptocurrencies in this past week - enough to know that I need to learn a heck of a lot more to feel comfortable in that space. My original concern was that someone could somehow get a hold of the files that I had on that computer and reverse engineer them possibly get into my accounts. That’s probably paranoia since the whole point of Bitcoin seems to be un-traceability. Thanks for your reply though and feel free to correct me if I’ve done something wrong or foolhardy.

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