I need help, and can't get any

I’ve posted about this several times in a few different places and can’t get help from anyone. I haven’t received any reward payouts for about 4 months now, even after claiming them.

I just got done chatting with a rep from Uphold, but they said everything was good on their end and to contact Brave. Unfortunately, there is no way to contact Brave. Am I supposed to file a bug report on Github?

Can anyone get in touch with me and please help me figure this out? I’ve been using Brave for quite a while now and wish to continue using it, but this is getting silly.

Hi @Arknark - I can help. Please DM me your Rewards Internals and or the email linked to your account. Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Sending the DM now.

Wow! How about help regarding the fact that you guys basically don’t care about New York state?

Just ignoring that massive market full of annoyed users with a ton of BAT you give them no way to access, eh?

Is that company policy? “/ignore”?

How about come up with a way those US users can retrieve the compensation for watching ads and referring other users, since Uphold doesn’t provide you with a solution?


Hi @TurtleBK - have you verified your wallet with Uphold and changed your preferred currency to USD?

It is a Bitlicense issue with Uphold, this is not a Brave specific issue.