Allow people to use their own wallets

I’m sure I’m not the first person raising this but it’s key; please allow users to link their own wallets.

You’re currently bullying people into using one single service.

Don’t ruin the amazing work you’re doing with the browser, vpn and soon search by forcing people to use a wallet you picked.

As it stands the algorithm at uphold can’t even figure out what a name is against a last name; causing issues for the verification process. And before anyone says ‘this is an issue at uphold’; I’ve already raised two tickets giving them a piece of my mind.

The fact that I need to verify and give away my data to uphold in order to get at my rewards for watching ads its the exact opposite of why I signed up and gave you guys a go.

I certainly won’t be watching anymore ads if I can’t even claim the BAT rendering the whole thing useless and just an irritating experience.

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Brave community admins don’t really listen to users and cut and paste the same response to every question. Basically a dead coin as far as I can tell.

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Mhmm fair enough; I figure I would still voice it.

Shame really as it’s a really good idea.

@Matches @clifton Just hoping someone from support replies someday…

Yeah at least let us use binance or gemini.

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